Owner & Instructor

Sarah Haroldsen

Yoga, Thai Massage Therapist, Ergonomics Specialist & Pilates Trainer

Sarah has spent the last 20 years in the wellness industry guiding movement, massage, alignment, mediation & overall mind body Wellness. Working one on one with her students or in smaller group settings, Sarah has witnessed her clients create a quality of life with less pain & more mobility. Through her degrees in Anatomy & Physiology she discovered Yoga & body therapy and the healing benefits for all ages. Sarah has found her passion as a Yoga & Body Therapist focusing on strengthening & repair of the pelvic floor, injury rehab, meditation to relieve pain, teaching awareness as well as connection to your body.

“I believe strongly that the mind can heal the body and the body can heal the mind. They are in sync. My goal is to leave every student with a better understanding of this connection through movement, while letting the body be our guide in our healing process. Our body is intuitive and already knows what it needs. I help you stop and listen.” – Sarah

She is an advocate for bringing in Mindfulness to your body movements and focuses on each body individually “body recipe” for individual healing.

Kids Fitness Instructor

Coach Michael

Coach Michael specializes in Early Childhood Education/Development. Michael has spent the past few years studying and leading children’s fitness and development classes.   He is very passionate about working with children and seeing their eyes light up when they discover something new. He brings song, puppet shows, yoga, dance, fitness and fun to his classes. He will leave your child asking you “when do I get to see Coach Michael again?”  Michael also works for North Clackamas Parks and is currently working for North Clackamas School District and he is a student at PCC studying Education to be a Teacher.

In Coach Michael’s spare time he enjoys nature, outdoors, being active, playing sports, or cruising 1 of his classic cars.

Fun facts: Coach Michael was born in Berkeley CA and spent his childhood growing up in Oakland CA.

Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Forest Therapy Guide, Somatic space holder

Chumki Chakraborty

Chumki uses various instruments like Handpan, Shrutibox, chakapa, crystal bowls, tongue drum, rainstick, ocean drum , shamanic drum, Chimes, shakers, my voice to lead the sessions. Sound Journeys will vary from about 75-90min long and themes of the classes may change based on days and times of months. Meditation, vocal tonight, yoga nidra classes will be 45-60min long.

Fun facts about Chumki:
What’s your funniest talent/skill? I can pretty well mimic a crow.

Favorite place you’ve traveled or want to travel? Dolomites and Sicily in Italy remain my favorites. I am eagerly waiting to travel to Peru, Alaska and Mt Everest Base Camp.

What is something you want to accomplish before you are 50 years old? Just to live everyday, feeling grateful for every moment, feeling at peace and being more connected with myself.

Yoga Instructor

AJ – EFT & Meditation Practitioner

AJ (She/her) is fueled by a deep passion to help kids and people achieve their full potential. She has been immersed in personal growth and development for over 25 years in pursuit of happiness, and has found it through the regular application of tools she acquired throughout her life to deal with the various massive challenges she has overcome. Some of these tools include NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique, aka tapping), and thought management. Post pandemic, it has become clear that the world needs these tools to deal with the pressures of life, and AJ is excited to share them in the form of classes that are a hybrid of tapping and guided meditation.

Yoga Instructor


Nicki (she/her/hers) has been practicing mindful movement since she was 7, when she joined a karate school and immediately felt at home as her bare feet landed on the mat. As an adult, she began practicing yoga and meditation as a way to work through anxiety, fear, and negative self talk, and this practice eventually transformed into an essential part of her daily life.

The transformation she experienced from yoga and meditation led her to completing a 200-hr yoga teacher training in 2020, and a 75-hr restorative yoga teacher training in 2023. Nicki is eager to share what she’s learned with her students, and to create a space where her students can feel inspired to live life with a bit more ease. Nicki teaches Restorative Yoga on Sunday mornings 9:30am

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Yoga Instructor

Iris Mason

Iris Mason has been a student of yoga for more than 26 years. Originally she found yoga as a way to relieve the daily stress of working in the financial industry. When she left the financial industry to her son in 2004, yoga was a way to regain strength and recover from birth.

In 2006, she received her first yoga certification through Core Power Yoga. Always a student at heart, she continues to attend workshops and trainings. She’s taken workshops with Simon Park, Darren Main, Leslie Ellis and Britt Bensen Steele.

Iris believes all bodies are yoga bodies. Her classes are suitable for all levels offering modifications for all poses. Her wish is for students to leave classes feeling energized yet peaceful.

Outside of yoga, Iris and her husband are trying to figure out life as new empty nesters. She enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, reading and gardening. She also loves sending her son daily TikToks and memes while he is away at college.

Yin Yoga Instructor

Sophie Rose

Sophie Rose hails from the mountains of Colorado, but moved to Portland in 2016 after falling in love with the lush, magical forests of the PNW. She has been exploring yoga as a form of healing for the last 15 years. Her background is in herbalism, psychology and interpersonal neurobiology, and she loves weaving these themes into her teaching.

Her Yin classes often include many different elements of modern and ancient wisdom teachings, recognizing the divine in all. Sophie is passionate about making her classes accessible for any student, and believes yoga is for everybody and every body. She encourages students to listen to the powerful, natural wisdom within themselves. She believes it is the body’s desire to heal itself, and aims to hold compassionate space for her students as they make their way on their own healing journeys.

Yoga Instructor


Morgan is a dedicated and experienced yoga teacher with a passion for helping students strengthen internally and externally through the practice of yoga. Morgan has been practicing for 14 years, and teaching for 4 years.

My Journey with Yoga began 14 years ago, so my yoga practice has evolved as life does. Yoga supported me mentally and physically, as a student. Prenatal Yoga welcomed me into Motherhood. Restorative Yoga held a place of support and healing for me as I recovered from difficult surgeries & long recoveries. Training in Power Yoga showed me the passion of commitment and how much I wanted to share this love of Yoga. I look forward to sharing the practice of yoga, meditations with the community here!

Yoga Instructor

Crissy Day

Crissy began her yoga journey 15 years ago with her two year old son. Together in this practice they found connection, care and peace during a period of challenge. Crissy has a passion for helping all her students discover  this connection and peace in their own  practice. She shows students how to find vitality and strength through yoga, meditation and loves to make yoga playful and fun! Crissy has an E-RYT 500 (in progress) with Yoga Joy. She has been a trainer with Yoga Calm and is a certified children and prenatal yoga instructor. She also holds an MAT in Early Childhood Ed.Sharing yoga with her son was life changing, and she feels honored to share this practice with all types of families.